Flight to HKIA

Flight to HKIA (May 13, 2017)
The struggle at NAIA was real…im not kidding. Our armpits almost boiled and bubbled due to the humidity and poor airconditioning plus the 1.5 hrs delayed flight.

We landed at HKIA at 11:10. Awe and OoohWow came out from the 3 Pinoys from Pandacan admiring the well planned, spacious and ohhh sooo well airconditioned HKIA terminal 1. For the first time, hiyang hiya ako sa NAIA ( actually mas maganda pa airport ng Davao). The spa-like scent at their immigration and baggage claim counters, the minty air in their restrooms, the free and fast WiFi….ay nako! I ranted “San napupunta buwis ko, terminal fee at travel tax ng mga Pinoy? ” Then it flashed on the screen Cebu Pacific flight no. XXX bags delayed. Araykoh! Delayed na flight, delayed pa bags. Mahabagin!

After waiting for 30 minutes our one and only maleta was there rolled over in the conveyor. We looked for a 711 to get our Octopus Cards loaded then headed to the Bus Terminus.

Since it’s already past midnight, we took bus Number N21 ( yes the double decker). We arrived at Sham Shui Po at 2am because we alighted at the Prince Edward station.Lumagpas kami.Hahaha first HK hiking for us…getting lost in a foreign soil.

The owner of the house we rented for a week (a French married to a Hongkonger) waited for us at Sham Shui Po. Namuti na buhok kakaantay. He was very nice and helpful.

And because we were so hungry 711 was there for a quick bite. Until now i cant believe i bought that very small toothpaste tube for HKD25 (about Php150) kasi nakalimutan dalhin yun CloseUp😝.

We went to sleep around 330am. We need some rest for a long hike to Shek O in the morning.

Next post…hiking in Dragon’s Back, Shek O…..


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