Dragon’s Back Hike (Shek O, HK)

We woke up from our 5-hour-or-so-sleep and got ready for Shek O. For this adventure, we did some research for about 4 months as we prefer DIY than exploring thru travel agents or tour packages. After a little consultation with all the HK-related Apps on our phones 😁, one thing was clear…we need to take the MTR…the massive and very efficient subway train system of HK. Despite the dense population and thousands of commuters in HK, i cant help but admire their centralized transport and payment system. Every transport transaction can be done through Octopus Cards. Di ba kaya ng Pinas toh? I just felt sad.


1. Sham Shui Po to Admiralty via MTR

2. Admiralty to Shau Kei Wan via MTR

3. Exit subway and head to Bus Terminus below the fly over. Look for Bus No. 9 to To Tei Wan

4. Alight at To Tei Wan bus stop. You will see the trail marker and proceed from there.

Unlike our PHL hikes, HK trails are well maintained and marked and easy. Your only concern will be weather. Pray it wont be too hot or it wont rain.

After 45 minutes of hiking with different people from different countries (ang lalaki ng hakbang ng mga puti…i cant keep up😩), we arrived at a place where we can see the impressive coast of HK…the Big Wave beach, further east was the Cape d’Aguilar and its rocky slopes.

Further up in the trail at 234 masl (about the height of a medium skycraper), there was this group of jolly Pinays having a picnic. We surprised them further when they talked in Ilocano. Maski saan lupalop talaga, uusbong ang Pilipino. Then they all hurriedly went beside our son shrieking and called him “Baby”, while hubby was called “Daddy” and i was called ” Ate”. Wahahaha! I thought they’ll call me Tita. Maige na lang.

We hiked further up to the point where a paraglider took off….ang garaaaa! My son asked me if someone’s offering a glider for rent. There’s none…sorry.

Going down, at the exit is Collinson (where a penitentiary was located). We took the same bus back to Shau Kei Wan at Shek O Road, then MTR back to Sham Shui Po.

The day was capped by a delicious dinner at Chinese diner and the servings were HUGE.

Tired but fulfillled. We went to Pei Ho to buy some fruits (very cheap) and some taho.

I would suggest Sham Shui Po to those planning for a long stay in HK. Food is very affordable and place is accessible to MTR and even airport.

We slept early as we need to get some rest for a Macau trip…plus it’s someone else’s birthday the next day.


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